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Mitsubishi ASA v.

Mitsubishi ASA

Mitsubishi ASA - Aftersales Support Application

Diagnostic Software


Mitsubishi MUT-III

This software is available on demand >>>


  • PRE15061-00
  • PRG15091-00
  • PRE15121-00


  • PRE16031-00
  • PRE16061-00
  • PRG16061-00
  • PRE16091-00
  • PRE16121-00


  • PRE17031-00
  • PRE17061-00 + Bugfix
  • PRE17091-00
  • PRE17121-00


  • PRE18031-00

ECU Rewrite ROM Data

ECU Rewrite ROM Data

Flat Rate Manual

Flat Rate Manual

This Flat Rate Manual has been prepared so that the personnel of service shops authorized by Mitsubishi Motors Corporation can utilize it as a handbook for estimating repair costs and for handling warranty claims.

All flat rate times listed herein are subjected to change at any time by Mitsubishi Motors Corporation based on time studies related to design change on vehicles, or improved repair methods, techniques or equipment, or other advance in the industry.