• Prepare a sheet metal plate having a dimension as shown in the figure, and use it as an adjustment plate.
  • Do not adjust the rod assembly set length by loosening the lock nut.
1.Set the control lever to the N (neutral) position.
2.Loosen the mounting bolt of the shift position switch (main).

3.Using the adjustment plate, perform the adjustment by turning the shift position switch body so as to align the position of manual control shaft slit with the position of shift position switch positioning groove.
4.Tighten the mounting bolt to the specified torque.
Tightening torque: 11 ± 1 N·m
5.Using the same procedure, adjust the shift position switch (sub).
6.Once again, use the adjustment plate to check that the manual control shaft slits are aligned with positioning grooves of the shift position switches (main) and (sub).