MIVEC (Mitsubishi Innovative Valve timing Electric Control system)

The newly developed continuous variable valve lift system is used. This allows the system to reduce the pumping loss. Therefore, the fuel consumption is improved. The continuous variable valve lift system simultaneously and continuously varies the lift amount, the opening valve timing and the opening and closing timings by the one system. To vary, the electric motor rotates the control axis, which is also used by inlet rocker shaft, and changes the rocker arm pivot point. Therefore, the contact point between the centre arm and the rotating cam can be moved. The opening and closing timings and the swing range of the swing cam can continuously be changed. The lift amount and the opening valve timing are simultaneously varied. Also, the closing valve timing can be changed more than the opening valve timing can be. Without the sensitive joint control between the system and the phase variable actuator, improving fuel consumption in the low load range is optimized by the high controllability. The adventurous consolidated-functions such as the SOHC can be realized to be compact and lightweight. In the middle load range, by combining the system with the cam phase variable system, the fuel consumption is improved. In the widespread driving range, the fuel consumption is improved.


To reach the ideal mixed lubrication condition with the smallest friction, the skirt shape is changed. Friction-loss is decreased by the asymmetry skirt, which contributes smaller-contact area to cylinder liner at anti-thrust side. At the same time, the contact stress distribution is optimized.